Highly Effective Chiropractics in Arcadia, CA

Arcadia Chiropractic Center provides chiropractic care to patients in Arcadia and surrounding areas of California. We work closely with our patients to make sure they are on the path to health and they can not thank us enough. Here some of what our patients have to say about what we do:
"This is one great Chiropractic Center. They have all the modern methods, but are conservative enough not to overdo. Dr. Ray Pevey is one of the nicest human beings I have ever known.He truly cares about all aspects of his patients' health. He is extremely knowledgeable about sports injuries and he has helped us many times to overcome them without surgery.The front office staff is personable and professional. By now they all feel like friends. I highly recommend this business."

-Jeannie Y
"My first appointment was very detailed, and Dr. Pevey took down my information as well as a full history of symptoms, aches and pains. I told him everything. He continued to ask about my jobs and asked how long are my work days - he seemed real interested. Then off to Dr. Phifer I went. During his evaluation he thoroughly checked my spine and reflexes and he explained everything he was checking for - which is a plus for me! With both doctors I never felt 'in the dark' about anything. Both Dr. Pevey and Dr. Phifer are so easy to approach and they made things so comfortable that I felt at ease the entire time!I came back a few days later to see the results of the X-ray. Dr. Pevey explained each film with great detail and what treatment would be done in order to fix my problem. He then continued to tell me what would happen in the future if I didn't do anything. He even tied in my work and showed me how my actions at work can contribute to my aches and pains. I then signed up for 5 months of treatment.The staff is GREAT! Super friendly and real organized. This is my second week of treatment, and I feel great! I look forward to meeting with Dr. Phifer each week for my adjustments!"

-Vivienne M.
"I was very impressed with their service and I signed up for a treatment plan to help with my 20 years of ongoing....Migraines! It has been 4 months since I started my treatment, I must say 'Dr. Pevey, you're God sent, thank you for your patience and care!' My overall health has been improved over 70%, I have less migraines and much more energy everyday. I look forward to my treatment, and living a better quality life."

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